Monday, June 25, 2012

unconditional love....

Our mothers love is immeasurable

Once it happened, when I went to feed my cows. In the cowshed I saw one of my cows mooing over and over again. I went next to her and gave a scary look. There was a balloon like hanging from the end of her body. I stared at it carefully and noticed it was filled with a water and pus. There was splash of blood over the balloon.
When I neared her head I have seen a tiny skinny calf lying vainly mooing. It seems the skinny calf was only about seven months old. He doesn’t have any hair on his body; his foot appears very fragile and brittle. Still he could moo that amazes.

The mother cow, she was in immense pain and suffering. When I looked at her I have seen she was not concerned of her sufferings. Dripped in a thick coated blood and flesh hanging from her end body she licks her calf around his neck, stomach and abdomen.

It was a heart touching moment. I was left standing staring at their love and compassion. After licking several time over her newly born calf there wasn’t any sound of moo neither signs of life. She then tried mooing around the calf’s ear. It was of no use the calf was gone far living his mom under enormous pain and suffering.

Still, the mother cow was hopping for the return of her newly born calf, when the calf already left her alone. With her full hope and attachment she licked, mooed and turned her calf’s corpse. But it was already gone breaking her heart, living her unconditional feelings in vain. 

The whole moment of hours awakened a great compassion momentarily probably the inner values. When animals can give such a overwhelming moral why don’t we human, can take it as a heartiest gratification in our life to pay back our gratitude to our loving and caring mom though we cannot repay the fullest, we can serve her in our little best ways.    

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