Saturday, June 16, 2012

Let your life blossom ....

Person who made a difference in my life.

She was a gracious student with profound behavior. A role model when we were in the ninth grade. Our teachers loved her, not because she was beautiful and from an affluent family. She was an open minded, amenable, decent, simple and diligent student. She was three year senior to me, in twelfth grade in 2005.

She appreciates herself being a unique individual, cares younger like her own sibling and respect seniors as a master. Her friends were heaved along with herself to become a productive individual. She shares in the state of despair and doubt, guides when students’ breaches out of the track and support the needy friends.

Azhim ??.... amazes everyone by her lucid and articulate advices. The first advice I ever heard was, challenging every opportunity. Opportunity will walk through a path only once. We have to grab hold of it, being it an easy or a complex challenge, was her word.
Being open to any idea is one vital thing we should take it up to be in the change that we desire to.

Ignoring the fearful or disregarding it was another facet of life. She advised on to build upon our self esteem, confidence, and determination and to be a self assertive being; we should put several tips under a nutshell as our philosophy, she said. Most important thing like controlling egoism, considering others take, reflecting on ones mistakes and setting goals.

Nevertheless, taking all the advice as a daily philosophy was extremely difficult. So I paved the way, practicing bit by bit from the countless advices. However, to instill the morals within us we have to manage it like an amateur drama, which I have done and seen bright flame blazing upon my career.
Earlier, though I was completely engrossed in ludicrous talks I was not known that conversations would elicit strong emotions.

Egoism too, flared me and killed my talents of openness. I used to fidget nervously when someone asked me questions or any opinion.

Gradually now, I can put an end to those omnibus outrageous behaviors whenever they out pours, holding my head up proudly. It was all because of her I am now standing on this platform where I can contest the uprising challenge in education. She has printed a deep foot print on my pages which I would never rip instead will preserve it. My sister’s words of wisdom inspire everyone and I take her advices as a stepping stone in my life. Let yours also shine and blossom with flowers.

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