Monday, June 18, 2012

When person is alone it doesn't mean he is lonely..

                                              Who can answer the unasked question.

I haven't seen a happiness yet not seen a sadness when I am with my colleagues. We chit and chat around without perpetuating each others expressions and feelings. Humorous talks, gossips and instinct expressions were the usual conversations we use to have when we stay with our friends. 

Our real identity were not even seen when we closely attach our time to our friends. It passes by clinging to it's moment. Though the talks we talk, the gossips we gossip and expressions we express are all vague feelings and words, we express and talk and talk and talk. Haven't you noticed even if we talk and talk or express and explore with our colleagues it doesn't have solution to any unasked questions? Haven't you thought when will those unasked questions will be answered before it was asked? Haven't you thought  who will answer those unasked questions?

Perhaps we may think it's all about a matter of thinking. If we look at the covert answers of our mind or inwardly we look deep inside we can see those questions as well the answers to those unasked questions. When I say unasked questions what pricks was all about the tricks which will question when we doesn't have any answers to those question's question.


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