Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Who will ask, Am I responsibly taking my responsiblity?

Self questioning is the best reflection of the life. From the Buddhism point of view it's wrong to reflect back on past neither to think of not yet risen future. Instead being at the present situation is considered as a wise decision. To live in the responsible generation era, it is must to inculcate in one the habit of being in present with a reflective common sense.

The generation walk, steps upon our intellect to question whether we are trying to be a responsible generation or whether we are responsibly taking our responsibility. If we think we are responsibly taking our responsibility then why some things are not taken care. Suppose, I am a college student. In our college the daily advertisements were advertised online. Graduates come and check the advertisements time and then on the college website. They were heeding the online advertisements timely. But what unusual thing happens is that they all murmurs after looking at the add. Whether the add is knowledgeable or is of some kind of complain they heedlessly gossip and pricks.Does this show how we have to be responsible?or else We are taking our responsibility honestly, but why are we backing from the actual responsive responsibility? This marks a big question upon the graduates responsibility act.

When I remember the days back to April this year, our college media club members has launched PCEyes, first of this kinds. Other youth concerned about their college may ooze with thoughtfulness, WOW!!! how many  members from the college has attended the launching Day of the paper? How far does this reached in Bhutan and so on? But its just an imaginary vision of the honest student. What happened was only the media club members were aware of the newly boosted paper. Might include half of the teaching staffs who were connected with the daily college updates. Out of nine hundred student teachers, more then hundred faculty members only three percent were aware of the Day. Rest all remained in childish play and ignorance. Now, Does this point how a college student should be responsible of the up to date events in the college? Whilst I say this, it doesn't mean that college administration were backing up from their responsibility. What I mean is being a college student, Don't we have to ask ourselves of our own responsibility? Don't we have to be aware, from where can we get such information? I think to wake up and catch the other university's hand my mates should work harder for the worldly updates. If not there will be chances that we may lack behind those because we aren't in eighteenth century, 21st century looks forward for more vigilant people.

The glimpse of the college days, sometimes makes me wonder whether I am forwarding the backwards. I think I am not as I wasn't able to state all the events disregardful of the college students on this page. Its just a gist of the ignorance laid down. However, this platform helped me resign my authenticity. I have expressed my full hearten words and poured the heaviest drops hanging from my heart about the responsibility that my college mates were taking.

You are responsible for your own good, never wait for the command nor the order. Just walk a mile forward then you will find where you have reached. Re read your past and act on the moving action. Be a responsible ' I '. I who cares me with the move of the time. I who cares my responsibility to be in the current era.

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