Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How fragile is our human heart?

I have never known my heart‘s so fragile. Before 2012, January I believed myself as one of the strong heart saver. But it is all what I can do when there isn’t any distraction towards my feeling. Unless I face with an obstacle I am the brawny holder whilst the crisis crosses my brawniest it is all fake.

What will be your say about the fragility? I know you will have tens of thousands of answer to this question.  Poor me I don’t have even single answer to this question. Still I endeavor myself towards stumbling the answer to this question.

Last January, though it was a month of celebration and rejoicing moment for the world it took no difference in making my days alike with the following jaded months. Those days revealed the secrecy of the human heart. Might be only mines I can’t assure the veracity. Might be the time difference for others pledge. I think deepening of the perception may further the verification so let me halt here.

It so happened several times but I am ignorant of my heart’s condition. I haven’t looked twice to care what’s happening; I haven’t questioned whether my patron was feeling good. Neither do I support what it has been undergoing so far. I would say my covetousness to care my own spirit of my life. 

One moment I could remember how this cropped up; it’s just before an hour. I heard an answer to an unasked question. Now, don’t say that I am crazy. I have heard it. I have responded silently to this answer. But, it wasn’t under my consciences conscious control it poked my rude consciousness. Though I was fade up interacting with my fragile annoyance. It continuously proceeded before what I have been thinking off.
It made me feel so low but my question is am I going to accept this condition?  What would you say dear fragility?  I am quite awake. Now I will question you my dear fragility.

But you know, before rendering to this prompting I felt so distressed. I have noticed cheerlessness crawling towards my fragile heart. I didn’t recognize the explicit words that I have heard. The words are all sense less if I have to mention. Yet it reminded me of my reaction towards my forgiveness.

That’s how I have started reacting to the present condition of the fragility. There will be more to account what really fragility is. But as I have said I couldn’t answer it in a sentence what really it is. It’s all about how much it entrenched in me.

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