Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Still I could hear you

It really matters me. Why don't you get out of my sight? Who propose you to be here around me? I tried ignoring you but your image last long etched in my mind. It would have been better if you were a good image. But it's not what I have described.
You are the stealer, the killer whom I never thought of. You lingers around, enduring me in acorn pain.
If something bothers you why don't you share. Why don't you be open to me?
I will not be able to resolve to drops hence will try to compensate with your suffering. I thought of writing to you but it's just an idea which remains a miracle to me.
Had I been with you, it would have been possible to lessen what you were suffering from. Now, it must have been the ideas behind the lovely memories.
Better, let me pray, any mistakes are  due entirely to my ignorance. let you be blessed by the almighty. I pray for your cheerfulness ahead.

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