Sunday, May 20, 2012

Veracity of life...

Modern heart stealer...
Before when I wasn’t in love I use to feel the presence of future. I was a great dreamer, always dreaming of my hopes and desires. I used to decide my plans and dreamed of being a conceited woman amongst the crowd. I thought of being a supportive family member helping my innocent brothers and sisters and my beloved hardworking mother and assiduous father. I use to feel their love and care at the deepest core of my heart, their advices, their hard work , their compassionate love, touching feelings, their high anticipations. It’s after the entire situation changed reversing those real beauty of the life, contemplating to the worldly attachments.

I have fallen in love with an unseen guy unbelievably abstract love. Blindly exchanged feelings, ignoring the supportive nature precisely believing in the unseen thoughts and attractively heart touching words. Clinging on the innocence, without thinking about the latterly bad things I loved him unconditionally probably my ever roused feelings. After fallen in love with him I attended most of my concentration to his feelings neglecting my dear parent’s words and action, apathetic to do my works to achieve my dreams and disregarding the concerns of my loveable siblings. 

Without thinking that love with attachments would be that difficult, I have given my trust. The fact wasn’t like how I thought; intangibly it’s all about five minute pleasures weighing itself with my profound devotion. I believe I ascertained the one sided love never meant to blame the relation but somehow was thrust up. The relation was not able to hold my trust it revolved my faith to mistrust. From which I knew don’t ever let self trust be upon others because trust is the greatest compliment then love, trust self and love others. It dwelled me in a traumatic depression for more than two months, may be a stepping stone for the other round.

But it’s not a fault of karma it’s one’s own heedlessness, not being able to know the reminiscent or difference of self with other persons. If life happens to ensue it with the way I have described I will reason out most of the break downs must be of that personal discrepancy. The genuinely recognizable certainty of life is that partners are meant for pleasure as their lip talks were condensed to prove it is meant for emotional support, physical prop up and mental console. But as far as I have seen and known 5 out of 100 may dissolve their cravings to the enlightening purposes however other 95 would be seeking for self love only without taking to heart the value of other person’s commitments, character, need for survival and reputations. 

It is all about how people’s perspective of life’s truth has been revealed to me. Bartering or exchanging my profound devotion with short term pleasure dodges.

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