Tuesday, May 15, 2012

People's dreams were never answered in how they have felt...

It was when I haven't known how much I have grown up to meet the perfectionist and professionalism. 

         When I was eight I always dreamed of becoming an adult who will stand on her feet to serve her greedy stomach. I had a great dream full of hopes and desires which will never be fulfilled even if the greatest wish was be-quested for me to wish my wishes. My desires are seemed to be the one to encourage me to hold on the hopes of my life and the desires which never backs me from the place where it was caught in the secret of success. I loved to plan though I cannot implement effectively. 
                                                                                                  The years proceeded preceding my great hopes and dreams. It has reached a year when point knocked me to realize what I have dreamed for, the seventh and the eighth grade. Little perceptive then before I have sensed how dreams should walk over the desires and hopes. Not being less then a hopeful person and approaching the dreams fostered, the year 2003 and 2004 ended. With that popping dreams and hopes I was certainly a high school girl attending ninth and tenth grade, vision-less of how I should be reacting towards my hopes and dreams the year swift ed over swinging on its usual schedule. The following year I was in eleven much more innocent then before as I haven't qualified in a stream where I 'm interested in. Probably, ignoring the great parts and relying on the suspicion thoughts; the year passed. In 2008, I attended my twelfth grade with same ignorance.

Although it was said that plan less, do more: eat less, chew more, the fact doesn't substitute what I have been practicing for decades. Ever I realized of my dreams, hopes and desires it never seemed to be the glasses purely magnified for clear visionary alternatively it happens in the way how it should be happening without giving impression on how I have hoped for, desires and dreams. 

Still then luck favored me to study somewhere in a novelist profession of the world much perfection especially for a person like me so I always feel myself blessed with that perfect profession though society's view creeps our profession down. This story ends here with the perfect profession till 2012.


  1. Same here. Che chey u made me remember a nursery rhyme....chew chew chew ur food, the more u chew the less u eat, better u'll feel.....was my fav.

  2. chunku! m I not good at recapitulating the grossary of your childhood plays...ha ha..I m happy that at least I have stated one man's fav. here ...lol..