Sunday, May 27, 2012

Desperate...too much of dependence worth nothing..

Desperate – once you were desperate of someone.

World seems to be wide enough to let us hold on the calmness rather being frantic dependent. However none could consent to escape from this desperate. Each one of us clutches at least a string of desperate out of bunch or maybe it is adolescence act for its emotional adjustments, I am not sure. 

Without any control over our own identity sometimes we become desperate for someone. Therefore I frequently ask myself, Is this the answer for our strength or is it showing our true weakness out of the strong nerve. 

When we befall to be desperate it heaves down our hope’s rope inculcating Achilles’ heel. It tows our self esteem down in the dumps making us miserably worthless and hollow like. 

 Desperate, if it is mean for doing something commendable it would be better named after that coolly but being desperate for someone means healing the pain without any coverage of wellness.

Devoid of thinking of one’s own life’s worth we turn out to be worrying of others. Only the certainty ever known was that the things which will be happening will happen in the way how it should be happening to end up its happening phases. Consequently it’s pointing its finger right to us to be at present moment spotting its need and imperatives of the moment which will never be at present once it was gone. 

Being that so is also of our casual thoughts. Leaning on the positivity may purge us from such thoughts. Lets try!!!...

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  1. Being known about detachment admits that nothing can be worth desperate of... anyways nice u came up wit wisdom of being not able to understnd the world..its common bt we hv to be aware of .t..thumbs up>>>