Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nothing has curb unless we control ...


Whenever I think of approaching something to someone or approve doing something, it really makes me prove my confidential to compete with those under controlled approvals.  It's hard to get adjusted to those unseen truths. Still then to move over to reach the contrary part it’s great to follow such hardships too. - Covetousness.
 Though it fully contradict itself from the views of Buddhism we cannot rely solely on one thing to land up ending upon a simple believe but doesn't mean Buddhism lies upon my belief. Yes, Buddhism has a great impact on my ways of believers and perceptions. It concerns the truths improving my approvals to solely believe on the truths. However being a being human instead of human being all takes makes my unconsciousness arouse from the consciences consciousness. Flaming like a tank full fuel was poured upon it.  - exasperate

The tricks which were hidden underneath my heart, how much I try to curb it from blazing out from the spot it turns deaf ear to what I am trying to say: Grasping the affections backing itself from the love and compassion, Endeavoring to hold on one essence of transient, Flickering its stability from one poise to another devoid of being in a peaceful and calm manner. -attachments

Unrestricted from the restricted home whilst I allow her to roam, it has got no control over it's act of innocence. Becomes sluggish, twirling itself from the way of benevolence and generosity, engaging in the momentary pleasures. Could I ever get rid of from such mistrust of the thoughts as I know how it progress but never had it let me get through as well will not let unless I curb it to let myself pass through hatreds, aversions, attachments, covetousness and exasperates.

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