Thursday, May 10, 2012

Impermance means the slightest change from the im- permanent permanence

It was an accolade to my previous teacher who taught me the truth of suffering and value of knowing the emptiness…

“Impermanence”, the change which will never be stable when time approaches to takeover its stay in that corner of permanence. When healed over such word of truthfulness I personally bow myself to the truths raveled so far. Hearing the word change never makes us realize the already past changes still it built upon the mistrust of permanence relying myself deeply on the dependents. Actually it has reached a great time for me to understand the normality of living the life but I think I am not matured enough to meet those though my age reached to compete in those stages of changes. I am therefore sorry for myself for being tad a pole lethargic to learn those changes of stages in the right time when I should be learning.

               Whilst I say I should be learning in right time it doesn’t mean that I am out of the way to learn those facts of life or I am stagnant to seek the verity of life. Nonetheless I am walking the talks of that veracity along with cool breeze of pressures from the societal. The more you read the more you will learn is a saying, universally accepted quote, may be for me the actuality could be to see in our own self how they are true hitherto. Other great men also says that fools learn from oneself while wise learn from others this may be a right adage to those who have been learning from others mistakes but for me I am one of the victims of the foolish people who have been learning from the self made mistakes. Even though I learn from my mistakes I have never considered seriously those mistakes as a great mistake, rather thought those are the climbing ladder to meet the next livelihood life in more successful tactic. Here the impermanence rises, innocent changing into mature man to convene the acquaintance of real situations.

               Everybody raise their voice in letting others believe what one has to say, being egoist.  When recapitulating the impermanence of great idea all seems to be of no value except the emptiness which rules the impermanence. Being it a wise men or a folly foolish man tends to get over each others learning, step for step. At the end what counts are the stones of strong strength collected for the following tacit future. Future which is not yet raised deemed a birth of today. So what I have known was one should know that every dog has its own day as a main quote here. That day if you are foolish enough you will learn the way how I have learned and if you are wise enough you will learn the way how learned have learned.

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