Thursday, December 13, 2012

RCSE preparation…2012

I was busy with my winter chores, the daily routine chores of the people living in the village. In summer the paddy transplantation and weeding keeps the villagers busy, in autumn they were busy standing besides the scarecrow guarding the golden ripped paddy. After reaping the long waited product the farmers have to hull the rice, sweep the chaft and winnow the grains. Some families with no enough leisure raise piggery and poultry farms. They do hard slog chores feeding slops to their pigs, chaff to their cattle and chicken corns to chickens.

As I am a very fortunate village girl born to a bourgeois family I only have to feed chaff to my cattle and help my parents in hulling the rice. I insulate the preparation time within my busy schedule, reading articles and stories at least for an hour every day. But what really matters me was that whether this short period of reading will be enough for appearing the RCSE examination and to get through the juncture whether it will serve the whole purpose. I know as usual the simple noble teachers will get through what we call the attitude test. My seniors who have come into the view of B.Ed BCSE usually say “It’s unlike other civil service examination with similar question pattern with different remarks at the end. So far we have been trained as teachers as we do and we will” a reinforcing suggestion and a heedless suggestion too. I can now feel my heart filled with joy as I will be graduating with a qualification of Bachelors in education. As well I am bit worried to wake up from this qualification into a much professional Bachelor certificate holder. I am sure holding a graduate certificate isn’t a very hard choice however achieving the professional attitude to serve the TSAWASUM is the essence option. Probably a pessimistic thought to motivate myself.

On 6th December RCSC made an announcement online regarding the schedule of the BCSE and the documents needed. By this time I think my friends too were very worried of the screening test. They started calling and messaging each other. Some arrived from their home town in Paro with intention to prepare their best for the BCSE. They reenacted their high school day’s diligence browsing the college wi-fi wireless, downloading the brain teasers, past BCSE questions and flipping the stale pile notes. Each day I visit my friends they at least have new information to share with me perhaps their kindness being a good friend. We discussed the need of each other’s ideas and assistance to make best use of the December month. Idealizing the great mind we discuss the great ideas which may seem childish to others nevertheless a lifelong decision for the simple teacher like us.

 Our friends tease in a serious way rephrasing our honorable director’s dialogue “I want you- the final years to keep a legacy but not of a materialistic rather think beyond that” a grin curved on everyone’s face. That time I remembered a moment when our director addressed this for the first time in the assembly and one of our friends say “Then let us keep an imaginary Thangka which would probably will not be seen but can be pictured with imagination” Normally internalizing the legacy our director was waiting for and ironically relating to the BCSE result. If we prepare it hard and appear the exam with no hindrance naturally it will come out with an excellent remark. Firstly, the merit will be counted on our grateful lectures who tirelessly worked for our success for about four years. Next to almighty and government then followed by ourselves who nocturnally worked hard to come over such excellence. This is how I think one makes useful usage of the time assigned for a particular preparation - Sharing the important skills, respecting each other’s weaknesses and holding hand in hand to build upon a nation’s sovereignty and prosperity.

After realizing the help and support we have given to each other I can now assure that set of 2012’s final year B.Ed pass outs can truly bestow our hearts and souls to serve the service at our best. Wittily, I wiped my teary eyes at this moment thinking of our friendship tie which has been four year long and the last exam we will be appearing altogether in a same campus at the same time with the same knowledge and wisdom shared among us.

Soon the fresh graduates with free wisdom and knowledge will be graduating from the Paro College and Samtse to start a new journey of our country.      

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