Thursday, October 11, 2012

Every moment counts happiness

When we cry we never realize that we will get a good exercise of laugh when we look back to those crying moments. On 10th October, first two periods of Career and Counseling session our tutor told us to work on the counseling role play in group. I am in second group. In each group we should have at least one topic – topic showing an unripe problem of the person for the role play. One member should act as a counselor and other three should be the clients. But don’t think that I am narrating the whole academic strategy to pinch on to the story. You know what happened – I just dodged the hidden corner to let slip what has come to pass. A beautiful memories left behind and a sorrowful wrapping behind those beautiful memories.
There was a glow of these memories flashing light to my past and laugh at present. I remembered those gone days of agony occurred almost about six months ago. Those gone days - the days had seemed like the worst among those counted days. When I think of dice rolling towards my days I have judged myself through my ignorance. I can get a good laughing exercise from these replayed plays. An illusionary romance came out from the exchange of unmeasured love. We use to chit and chat almost half our days. To describe him - he is a quixotic lover. Nothing more to say he had been good since his stay.
But poor me! I am no better then a flipping pages sounding harsher then the first flip. When I glimpse through those days and think about my counseling module I am bit unlucky to have this session module this semester. However, sometimes I think I have done a great job of an advisor to myself.
Story started falling for each other catching the illusory words. Touching each others heart. Moving the fire ball, flaming the fueled heart and calming the up roused flame. It has been an interesting exchange of love. It was wrapped with an un……..let me continue next time.

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  1. hey.... end your story completely tubga....Passionately waiting,,,,,,,,