Friday, January 18, 2013

My articles are my good friends…

When I was in high school one of my good friends use to say, if you are an emotional person write articles, if you are promiscuous write love letters, if you are an aggressive person write applications, if you are pretentious write complains, if you are tricky write flipping messages. But I wasn’t clear why he said this to me. Truth always remains after a good reasoned action. 

I have written several articles but not an indication of my emotionality. It is just to train my senses and crane my neck to look for a better way for the   improvement on the other side.  I have read various love letters, edited applications, imitated complains and crafted many flipping messages. I prepared these groundings to compile the full blown articles. The article- ally whenever I droop from the normal sentiment. 

Those are my secret store where I can pile up each and every word I want to pour out. The sewage words were stocked within those hideous lines and sentences. I squeeze the betrayal healers in for short and make them happy, expressing my heartfelt gratitude for letting me hold on their heart to feel their warmth. I disagree with others say and store the arguments written using the frustrating words in those articles. I agree to others view and appreciate their thoughts compiling written appreciation strips. I bank the homage phrases to my beloved ones for believing in me and supporting me to become a successful person in my little world that I know. 

I also wrestle with the words of my article. Sometimes I get a corner to bang them and punch them. But one thing English is a very crazy language, most of the time they knock me down clouting their index finger on my head warning me to be alert of the rules. 

It has a never ending joy eternally clotted with pleasure and warmth to make the generations’ hull over their strong sense. English a friendly and as well a complicated helpful language to vocalize our thoughts. Thank you article and English Language.

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